2014 Fundraiser Recap

Recap and total for 2014 Barlett Benefit for Sacred Selections:

We started the month of June by hosting the Bartlett Station Farmer’s Market and came home with $200 in craft sales and donations. Two weeks later we had a HUMONGOUS yard sale and brought our total up to $1500.

yard sale from sidewalk
This past weekend we had our largest attendance ever for the Annual BBQ and Auction where Chuck and Nancy Hartwigsen were honored for their support of Sacred Selections and the BIG announcement was made that the 100th child’s adoption has been funded through Sacred Selections. WOW! And last but not least we now have a total for the Bartlett Benefit for Sacred Selections 2014 — drumroll please……...$42,305!!!!

SS 2014 bbq dinner

What wonderful people we know who support Sacred Selections so well. God has blessed the Fuge family. Kevin and Allison can bring home Baby Fuge with no worries about the adoption expenses and another child (or two) can be helped as well. Thanks so much for all who were involved in this endeavor!