Adoption Stories

The Sacred Selections Bartlett fundraiser has been blessed to help 17 children find homes in the past eight years.  We’ll visit some of them and hear their stories, so watch our posts for more stories to come.  Today we will start with the Corleys who adopted Eden in 2009.

Corley family 2012

The Corley’s Adoption Story

A few years into our marriage, our thoughts turned to having children.  We always planned to adopt, but thought to have biological children, too.  After multiple miscarriages, we knew God had different plans for us.  First He blessed us with our sweet Melia, whom we adopted as a baby.  A few years later, we wanted to adopt again, but fertility treatments and our first adoption had taken a toll.  Bringing home another baby was a great financial concern for us.  Then we heard about Sacred Selections, about these wonderful Christians who were trying to help families who wanted to adopt.  You can’t imagine the joy when we were chosen to be a Sacred Selections family, when we found out that we’d be able to adopt again.  I wish I could share with you the look on my daughter’s face when she found out she would get to be a big sister!

Now we’re the proud parents of two daughters, Melia and Eden.  Eden, our Sacred Selections gift, is six years old.  I look at her and wonder how to share the gratitude we feel to Sacred Selections and the people in Bartlett, who made her adoption possible for us.  Her laughter that rings throughout our house, the sound of her footsteps running down the hall, the sticky hand prints on the window, the little socks I fold and put away, the precious prayers we hear her say, the arms that wrap around our necks… without the help and generosity of those in the Memphis area, we wouldn’t have those.  There really aren’t words, but it’s a joy and thankfulness that we carry every moment of every day!