Brother Ray and The Fossil Fueled Porkers

SS Raymond and bbq cooker

This is Raymond Carter. Raymond has been a great friend of Sacred Selections for many years. Last year he wanted to do something special for Sacred Selections so he talked to his BBQ cooking team, The Fossil Fueled Porkers, and asked them if the team could do the barbecue for the Bartlett Benefit. They said “yes” and the rest is history. We had THE BEST BBQ EVER in the history of our fundraiser!

Now we’ve got great news for you — Brother Ray and The Fossil Fueled Porkers are back to help us out in 2015! Seriously, is that great news or what? You don’t want to miss this. So buy your tickets and start looking forward to an amazing meal and great fun as we raise the funds needed to complete not one, but TWO adoptions.

(We are having some issues with our online registration. We are so sorry and are working on a solution. Meanwhile, register and pay for your adult tickets and send us an email telling us how many children are coming. You can pay for those tickets when you arrive on May 30th. )