Our God is SO Big!

ss my god is so bigI’ve just had another amazing experience seeing what God can do.  It’s midnight and it’s been a very long day, but I can’t sleep for smiling, rejoicing, and praising God for His watchful care. I remember how faith building and encouraging that first event was for me in 2008.  I’ve experienced that same edification each year.  Yet every year it surprises me again.

We completed the 9th annual Sacred Selections Memphis fundraiser tonight.  We worked and we prayed.  We talked, we wrote blog posts, we asked for donations and we prayed.  We invited people to come, we prepared food and we prayed.  We decorated the hall, we arranged the auction items and we prayed.

And after it was all said and done, we sat down to count the money and God provided just what was needed for the Caster family’s adoption.  The total tonight is $36,000!  Just what was needed….God provided through all of you who cooked, donated, decorated, talked, wrote…and most of all, prayed. We are thankful for God’s people who love Him, trust Him, and do His work.

Our God is so BIG, so STRONG, and so MIGHTY – there’s nothing our God cannot do!!

(By the way, if you haven’t made your donation yet, it can be used to meet the need of another family.  There’s always a need for more families to adopt and more money for the adoption fees so more children will have the homes that God planned for them.)





The Caster Family

SS Caster

The 2016 Sacred Selections Memphis family is the Caster family.  Trey and Allison are parents to three beautiful children – Tessa is 5, Crew is 3, and Holly is 1.  The whole family is excited to add a new baby to the family.

Trey and Allison met at the Florida College camp in Arkansas 11 years ago and became good friends before they started dating.  Trey is a mechanical engineer and Allison uses her early childhood education degree everyday in teaching her children. They are active in their local congregation where Trey serves as a deacon and Allison teaches children’s Bible classes.

Join us Saturday, June 18th at 5 PM and meet the Caster family and help them bring home their new baby later this year.  http://www.ssbartlett.org/registration-form/


How much does it cost to adopt a child?

Callie Roth
Every adoption is different and the costs will vary.  Dana Carrozza explains:
     “Last year the Bartlett Benefit helped the  Ellis family adopt three siblings who were in the care of the state of Florida.  Their case was a hybrid case of private adoption through an agency and government adoption through foster care.
     The attorney, Jeanne Tate, had worked to get legislation passed to allow biological parents who are about to lose parental rights of their children to the state the right to choose private adoption.  Jeanne contacted us about these three children. We got the call about the children on a Thursday and had to find a family for them before noon on Friday! Because of the situation Jeanne Tate cut her fees substantially!   By the way, Jeanne tells me the Ellis children are one of her Favorite Adoptions…Ever!
     The Roth family chose a typical domestic adoption through an Adoption Agency.  Industry average for a domestic adoption is $25,000 – $30,000 per child.   The Roth’s adoption has been very typical of most domestic cases and is the reason why we started Sacred Selections —  families just could not afford that kind of money to save a child!
     Looking back on many of those that the Bartlett Benefit has helped….the adoptions have come through the state ( substantially cheaper), through private connections where only lawyer fees are required or where the family had some funding in place but needed just a little extra to help to reach their goal of adoption!”
     We hope this will help everyone understand why we were able to help 3 children with $25,000 last year and only one with $25,000 this year.  Every child is precious and deserves a family no matter the cost!!  Baby Callie will join the Roth family with YOUR help!

Josh and Emily’s Adoption Story

We are a Sacred Selections family times three! God blessed us six years ago when we first learned about the mission of Sacred Selections. We were just starting the adoption process and were not at all sure how we would afford to adopt a child.

Through a friend, we got in contact with David and Dana Carrozza. Dana talked us through our options, shared her experiences in helping others and prayed with us. Soon we were awarded a grant from Sacred Selections. We were able to adopt our daughter without the stress of debt.

Seventeen months after we adopted our daughter, we were presented with the opportunity to adopt a baby boy. Sacred Selections once again helped us grow our family.

This past summer, we were blessed to adopt our third child. Sacred Selections eagerly assisted us with the expenses for his adoption. Without a doubt, God has brought our family together. He has answered our prayers for children to raise. And he has used Sacred Selections to make our dreams a reality.

Josh Emily Lankford

Another happy beginning…


Our journey towards adoption actually began twelve years ago. From the day we became husband and wife, we have always wanted to raise godly children in a Christian home. Our plan was to have two children naturally and then adopt a child one day from Korea. However, after seven years of marriage and then two years of trying to conceive, we quickly realized what most of us forget, is that our plan is not always God’s plan. After a lot of praying and placing matters into His magnificent hands, His plan became very clear to us. From this moment, it was obvious that our dream to adopt a child was no longer in the future, but in the present. With the persistent threats to the safety of Koreans and the steady reduction in the Korean international adoption program, we knew that God was leading us down a definitive path. Our Korean adoption process had officially begun.

Once we started down this path, we never looked back except to reflect and to thank God for showing us the way. When we started the process, we had a lot of unanswered questions, such as paperwork, financing the process and the usual mysteries of adoption. With unanswered questions and mysteries comes faith. With faith enters God with the answers. With our biggest concern being finances, Amanda took a job as a nanny and we saved as much money as we possibly could. We also tried to raise as much money as possible with yard sales, cookie sales, etc. Even knowing that God was in control, there was still an obvious shortcoming in our financial need.

Through His marvelous guidance, God brought another Christian couple with a passion for adoption to our local church. This couple, Chad and Becca Ford, provided us with encouragement, understanding hearts, listening ears, plus an awareness and connection to a great organization called Sacred Selections. A few months after applying for a grant, we received a phone call one night from Dana Carrozza. God had answered our prayers and concerns with a grant in the exact amount that filled our ultimate adoption financial need. God is great and without his providence and the Sacred Selections organization, we would not have been able to continue our adoption story any further.

As the story continues, one day in late October of 2010, Amanda received a phone call from our adoption agency. It was the call that we had been long awaiting. As Amanda was filled with tears of joy. She struggled to breathe as she told me the news. In a rush, we left work and headed to the agency office to find out the details of our baby boy. We could hardly imagine another happier moment as we shuffled through the pictures and the reports telling us all about our new son. The next few months were a long and difficult wait. We kept ourselves busy prepping for the arrival of our son. Two days after Valentine’s Day, we finally met our son at the airport in Atlanta. What an anxious and amazing day all wrapped into one! God’s plan for us had finally unfolded and the journey towards raising our son had begun.

There are so many things to be thankful for through this process…
• Our family and friends who supported us in too many ways to count
• Sacred Selections and the generous donors’ encouragement and financial assistance
• Most importantly, God, for his providence, power and love
With love from our Family,
Joshua, Amanda and Phineas Nettles

YOU Can Help This Family!

We are excited to introduce our Sacred Selections family for 2013! The Roth Family!Roth Family 2

Trenton and Beth are currently parents to five children.  They said, “We have always envisioned ourselves with a large family. We had been making plans for our family long before we even got married!  We married in 1999 and immediately started trying to conceive.  In 2000, we were blessed with twin boys, Joshua and Bryce.  They were soon followed by a set of triplets – Jessie, Payton, and Braden in 2002.  Our children have brought so much joy and laughter to our lives.  With so many young children so close in age, we put aside any more talk of growing our family.  As the children entered their school age years and have become more independent, talks of more children began to resurface — not only between the two of us, but also the kids started asking for another sibling!

We recently hosted a little girl from Ukraine in our home for 5 weeks.  We all were in love with her before she even arrived.  From day one, she fit into our family like she had always been there.  The 5 weeks went by very quickly and saying goodbye to her was so difficult.  But we never imagined how hard it would be for our children.  They desperately long for another sibling.  They want someone to be a big brother or big sister to.  They talk of teaching the child their colors, how to read, and how to tie his or her shoes,  They enjoy babies and young children so much and they are all so good with them.  Many of our friends and families have had babies recently and we frequently hear from the kids, “When will it be OUR turn?”  As heartbreaking as these moments are, they are confirmation to us that we, as an entire family, are ready to adopt.”

Join us May 31st for a BBQ Feast and Auction to benefit the Roth Family.



This is why Dana started Sacred Selections

People often ask me why I started Sacred Selections… Well, you are looking at the reason why! Last Saturday we celebrated the 65th wedding anniversary of my parents – Ken and Carrie Marrs.

Dana's parents

My parents were told 60 years ago to abort me by their doctor! It was the 1950s and my mother had lost my sister at 7 months pregnant due to eclampsia – she went temporarily blind and was in a coma! Now pregnant again, her doctor told her this time not only would her baby die, but she would too. My parents went home and prayed about it and came back the next day to tell of their decision to choose life! They asked him if there was anything he could do? Doctor Cohn explained he had just read something in his medical journals that might work but it would require rest and 2 shots a day! My father said that’s fine you do your part and we will do our part praying to God to save our baby!

How can I not try and save every child when *I* was saved through the unfailing love of God & my parents?!
~Dana Carrozza