Ethan Rocks!

SS15 ethan and laine rockThis is Ethan and his dad Laine.  They love blacksmithing and Ethan Rocks! That’s the name of his business. Yes, Ethan has a business!!

Ethan was adopted and his sister is a Sacred Selections baby.  Ethan understands adoption from the inside out and he wants to help other kids become adopted.

Ethan and his family are driving to Bartlett from Alabama for the Bartlett Benefit for Sacred Selections on May 30th.  They’re bringing some things that he and his dad have made especially for this event.

Take a look!

ss15 Ethan bottle openers

Bottle Openers that are hand hammered and forged: Firefighter Pick Head Axe, Horse Head, and Anvil.

ss15 horseshoe ppr twl holder

Horseshoe Paper Towel Holder        Made in Alabama

ss15 ethan biz card holder

      Horseshoe Business Card Holder

ss15 ethan dinner bell Dinner Bell