Harris: Hair or NO Hair? You Decide!

We’re having a special fundraiser this year…


ss15 HarrisHere’s how it’s going to work: We will have to pots to pledge and donate to: one if you want to see Harris shave his head, and the other to keep him from doing it. The pot with the most money at the end of the auction determines the fate of his locks and beard!

We’re actually going to go ahead and kick this off early so all of our friends can participate by sending a donation and voting! So go ahead and send in your donations, if you can’t attend the benefit on Saturday!

Make checks payable Sacred Selections, and write “Harris Hair Cut Yes/No” on the “For” line!

Mail donations to:

Sacred Selections
3865 Windy Trail Cove
Bartlett, TN 38135

Or donate via PayPal:


Send us a private message through our FaceBook page to let us know how much money you’re sending and whether you’e voting “YES” or “NO”.

The fundraiser is Saturday, May 30. All pledges/donations and votes must be in by 4 PM except for those made onsite at the fundraiser.

Don’t miss the excitement.  Will Harris have to shave his head and beard?? YOU get to decide!