How much does it cost to adopt a child?

Callie Roth
Every adoption is different and the costs will vary.  Dana Carrozza explains:
     “Last year the Bartlett Benefit helped the  Ellis family adopt three siblings who were in the care of the state of Florida.  Their case was a hybrid case of private adoption through an agency and government adoption through foster care.
     The attorney, Jeanne Tate, had worked to get legislation passed to allow biological parents who are about to lose parental rights of their children to the state the right to choose private adoption.  Jeanne contacted us about these three children. We got the call about the children on a Thursday and had to find a family for them before noon on Friday! Because of the situation Jeanne Tate cut her fees substantially!   By the way, Jeanne tells me the Ellis children are one of her Favorite Adoptions…Ever!
     The Roth family chose a typical domestic adoption through an Adoption Agency.  Industry average for a domestic adoption is $25,000 – $30,000 per child.   The Roth’s adoption has been very typical of most domestic cases and is the reason why we started Sacred Selections —  families just could not afford that kind of money to save a child!
     Looking back on many of those that the Bartlett Benefit has helped….the adoptions have come through the state ( substantially cheaper), through private connections where only lawyer fees are required or where the family had some funding in place but needed just a little extra to help to reach their goal of adoption!”
     We hope this will help everyone understand why we were able to help 3 children with $25,000 last year and only one with $25,000 this year.  Every child is precious and deserves a family no matter the cost!!  Baby Callie will join the Roth family with YOUR help!