Jeff and Darleen’s Adoption Story

We were inspired to be foster parents by the example of fellow Christians.  Within a couple of weeks the stork delivered Isaiah to our doorstep straight from the hospital. It was a love affair from the beginning. Though it seemed like he was always a permanent part of the family his name now reflects it!

Thanks to Sacred Selections, without the pressing financial concerns that typically accompany adoption we have been able to focus on serving the fatherless. Since our journey began we’ve had the privilege of caring for six children in crisis of varying degrees and we hope to care for many more in the years to come.

We’re hoping to finalize the adoption of Isaiah’s baby brother, Alexander, soon. We have been greatly blessed by God! Sacred Selections is an unmatched instrument that allows Christians to help other Christians fulfill His will in this regard. We’re thankful for everyone out there that has supported Sacred Selections, whether with time, money or prayers. God is glorified and the fatherless are served with every donation.Jeff Darleen Isaiah Alexander