Less than 6 Weeks To Go!


Less than 6 weeks to go!

This year’s Sacred Selections fundraising Barbeque and Auction is
gearing up to be another fun evening for helping children!

Each year Sacred Selections finds children in need of a home and removes
the financial barrier of adoption so that wonderful christian families
and couples can adopt them.  There are two things about adoption that
are not always obvious.  First, you have heard it from us before, that
adoption is expensive, as much as $35,000! Of course, not all are this
high.  But even $15,000 is more than most people have available to them!

Second, adoption is often like an emotional roller coaster filled with
excitement and disappointment.  While there are many successes,
sometimes plans fall through and cause the children and adoptive
families to be heartbroken.  We help as many children as possible by
readying exceptional christian families to take them in, but sometimes
state and agency rules get in the way.  And yes, birth-mothers sometimes
change their minds.

It may seem tedious to continue year after year to “give to the cause”,
but we want you to know  how encouraging it is to our approved “Sacred
Selections Families” as they await a match with a child.  They gain
strength and encouragement knowing their financial burden is covered by
people that fully support their effort.  They move on ready to help the
next child, just as we do.  Our goal is to help as many as possible and
we need your help to do it.

We look forward to a great evening together!

Rod and Lisa Waterman