Local Small Business Supports Sacred Selections

Donna Baucum loves new things like little children and old things like the vintage linens, accessories, and home decor in her booth at Southern Vintage Company in Bartlett, TN. She’s combining both of those with her donation of one-of-a-kind bags for the May 30th auction to be held at the Bartlett Station Municipal Center.

The first bag is made from a vintage album cover and is trimmed in black. What a FUN bag to show off!! There will be lots of fashion forward ladies bidding on this one!

SS15 State Fair album bag

Donna’s second offering is a like-new vintage brocade clutch in the original box. It looks as if it has never been used! Someone will be “dressed to the nines” when she carries this bag for a night on the town.

SS15 brocade clutch in box