The Fossil Fueled Porkers

SS Raymond and bbq cookerBrother Raymond has the rig clean and ready to smoke some butts starting Friday.  The Fossil Fueled Porkers will once again prepare and donate their award winning bbq and sauce for our Memphis BBQ Feast.

Here’s a little history about this fantastically talented and generous team:

The team was formed in the 1980’s and has competed every year in various events.  Past events include competitions in Southaven, Millington, Lakeland, and Memphis in May.  They won first place in the “anything but pork” category at Memphis in May, first place for their sauce at Memphis in May, first place for shoulders in Southaven, and second place for shoulders at Memphis in May in years past.

They have done charity cooks for several years for Habitat for Humanity, Ronald McDonald House, Martha’s Manor, Oakhaven High School, and Sacred Selections.

The team also cooked for several years for the TVA Super Challenge held in Murfreesboro.

We truly appreciate their generous donation of time, effort, and wonderful food.  This bbq really is some of the best you will ever eat and some of us think it IS the best bbq around.  Don’t miss out on this wonderful feast.  Register here.

The Caster Family

SS Caster

The 2016 Sacred Selections Memphis family is the Caster family.  Trey and Allison are parents to three beautiful children – Tessa is 5, Crew is 3, and Holly is 1.  The whole family is excited to add a new baby to the family.

Trey and Allison met at the Florida College camp in Arkansas 11 years ago and became good friends before they started dating.  Trey is a mechanical engineer and Allison uses her early childhood education degree everyday in teaching her children. They are active in their local congregation where Trey serves as a deacon and Allison teaches children’s Bible classes.

Join us Saturday, June 18th at 5 PM and meet the Caster family and help them bring home their new baby later this year.


Allysa’s Painting

SS Allysa's painting
This painting (along with another) was created & donated by 11 year old Allysa Williams of Louisville, KY to Sacred Selections. Allysa lost her mother at age 4 and in the last 3 years has found refuge in painting. At the Louisville fundraiser a phone bidder bought both and then asked they move on to the next fundraiser to be sold again! At the Nashville event, both paintings were purchased during the live auction and the winning bidder donated one of the paintings back to Sacred Selections to be resold for a third time!!
So now it’s our turn.  Will Alyssa’s painting find a permanent home or will the chain of love continue with it being donated to another auction after its purchase in Memphis?  Join us Saturday night and find out!

Guitar Lessons — for Life!!

SS guitar lessonsThis complete LIFETIME  access, online video guitar lesson system can bring ANY player from “day one” beginner to advanced guitar playing.  This step-by-step system was created  by 30 year veteran, Erich Andreas, AKA “YourGuitarSage”, who is known as one of the top online guitar teachers and is author of the Amazon #1 Best Selling Book, Guitar Mastery Simplified.

Includes over 300 step-by-step videos, mp3’s, and PDF’s that will patiently navigate you through EACH step of mastering the guitar.  This is like taking years of personal lessons with Erich, which would easily cost 10x the $400 price of the course.

Email support is included.  Erich will personally answer your questions.  Live, interactive monthly video lessons from Erich Andreas. At least one hour of new lessons added to the system each and every month. Total Videos in this course is now over 455 videos and 53 Hours of instructionSS guitar lessons with more added each month.

For more information see the video at: