Save the Date! June 28th!!

Almost everyday someone calls Sacred Selections about a child that needs a home. These calls come from state and private agencies, attorneys and individuals that have developed great respect for the wonderful christian families brought to them by Sacred Selections. While not all of these situations are a good match for help from Sacred Selections, many are and therefore the need for funds continues to be strong. This June we will hold the 7th annual Memphis area fundraiser and we invite you to be a part of this great effort to remove the financial barrier so that willing christian couples can adopt those children in need.

Adoption is redemption

In case you don’t know, your generosity over the last 7 years has inspired many others to hold fundraisers in their cities. Well over $1,000,000 has been raised since the first fundraiser held in Bartlett and we are closing in on 100 adoptions funded by donations from individuals all over the country. It is a wonderful thing to be a part of such an outpouring of love and we are continually impressed with your commitment to caring for the orphans as we are taught in James 1:27.

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On June 28th (yes it is on a Saturday this year) at 4 PM we will have a great time together raising money for this great cause. Yes, there will be barbeque and an auction with some great entertainment for you to enjoy. We look forward to sharing the evening again at the original Sacred Selections fundraiser!

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Lisa and Rod Waterman