Our God is SO Big!

ss my god is so bigI’ve just had another amazing experience seeing what God can do.  It’s midnight and it’s been a very long day, but I can’t sleep for smiling, rejoicing, and praising God for His watchful care. I remember how faith building and encouraging that first event was for me in 2008.  I’ve experienced that same edification each year.  Yet every year it surprises me again.

We completed the 9th annual Sacred Selections Memphis fundraiser tonight.  We worked and we prayed.  We talked, we wrote blog posts, we asked for donations and we prayed.  We invited people to come, we prepared food and we prayed.  We decorated the hall, we arranged the auction items and we prayed.

And after it was all said and done, we sat down to count the money and God provided just what was needed for the Caster family’s adoption.  The total tonight is $36,000!  Just what was needed….God provided through all of you who cooked, donated, decorated, talked, wrote…and most of all, prayed. We are thankful for God’s people who love Him, trust Him, and do His work.

Our God is so BIG, so STRONG, and so MIGHTY – there’s nothing our God cannot do!!

(By the way, if you haven’t made your donation yet, it can be used to meet the need of another family.  There’s always a need for more families to adopt and more money for the adoption fees so more children will have the homes that God planned for them.)





It’s Almost Time…

Eighteen pork butts are in the smoker.  The potato salad and beans and slaw will soon be ready.  The homemade desserts are being made with loving hands.  The auction items are listed and packed ready to go.  The marvelous table decor is complete.

Will you be at the 9th Annual Sacred Selections Memphis BBQ Feast and Auction?

Hope to see you there!

SS Raymond and bbq cooker

SSdessertsSS 2014 bbq dinner



Antique Oak Cabinet

We had a hard time photographing this cabinet donated by Marianne Lanning so you probably just need to come out on Saturday evening and see it in person. 🙂

SS oak cabinet

This antique oak cabinet has a glass door and glass shelves.  It would be wonderful for displaying your favorite collection.


Join us for the Memphis BBQ Feast and Auction on Saturday, June 18th at 5 PM and see it in person!


Sugar Cookies!!!

This girl wanted to make cookies for the auction to raise money for the babies.

SS G gets ready to make cookiesMeasuring the ingredients…

SS G measure flourOops!  A little flour on the face….

SS G flour face

Mashing the cookie dough with a sugared glass…

SS G smush cookiesSo much fun that brother wants to help…

SS G Mason helps

The finished product from Georgia (and Mason)…

SS G and M finished cookies

These wonderful cookies were made with love and will be in the Memphis auction Saturday night to benefit Sacred Selections and the Caster family adoption. You don’t want to miss these delicious cookies!!  Come out, eat some of Brother Ray’s bbq and our homemade desserts, and bid!!!  Register here.


As Living Stones

Look what came in the mail!

SS As Living Stones CD


It’s from Sumphonia, a non-profit foundation whose purpose is to compose, publish, and promote songs for congregational worship.  The As Living Stones CD has so many great hymns on it: Rejoice and Sing that God is Great, Sing and Rejoice in the Savior’s Birth, The Rock of My Heart, Be Holy, For I Am Holy, and many more.  www.sumphonia.com


A Pillow For Dad! (Sunday is Father’s Day!)

Here’s a cool pillow for dad.  Don’t forget that Sunday is Father’s Day.  Pick up this pillow at our auction and purchase a gift card from Lowe’s or his favorite restaurant and tuck it in the pocket.  This pillow is made from a man’s shirt front with the buttons and pocket.  On the back is colorful tie.  You and your dad can help a child join his forever family here.

SS pillow frontSS pillow back

Mother’s Bracelet

SS Mothers braceletWe have a certificate for a custom Mother’s Bracelet from Pearls by Laura.  Design your own bracelet online and receive the Premium Silver (non-tarnishing) upgrade and a Polishing Cloth as well.  Any mother or grandmother would love this bracelet!

Register now for the Great Memphis BBQ Feast and Auction to benefit Sacred Selections on Saturday, June 18th, in Bartlett, TN.  http://www.ssbartlett.org/registration-form/