Laine Champion and His Dad Give Us Something Special!

From Laine: “This is kinda special, I forged this knife from a railroad spike for my dad’s fathers day gift a couple of years ago, he wanted to donate it to the auction so he made the wooden stand & I made the knife, so I guess it’s a joint effort. It’ll be sent with a few other items next week!”

SS RRspikeknife OFF stand L ChampionSS RRspikeknife on stand lchampion

What a gift of love to Sacred Selections!  Laine created this knife for his dad for Father’s Day.  His dad gives it to us AND makes this beautiful stand to hold it.  Both men are talented and both are so loving.  And how fitting that our auction is on Father’s Day weekend this year.  Bring your checkbook or your credit card.  You don’t want to miss this one!  Buy it for your dad!!!


Laine Champion Dinner Bell

Laine Champion is a Sacred Selections dad and he forges iron.  He is an artisan blacksmith and works from his studio in Alabama – Shallow Creek Smithy.

SS Laine Champion at work

He and Alicia love Sacred Selections and support it with donations of his talent.  This year he has 3 amazing pieces for us.  I’ll tell you about the first one today and the others in days to come.

SS dinner bell laine c

How about calling those kids in for supper with this dinner bell?  Laine made this one especially for the Memphis area Sacred Selections auction on June 18th.  You should make plans to join us for this and so much more in support of Sacred Selections and the Choate family adoption.  Register now in the Event Info tab at the top of the page.