Sugar Cookies!!!

This girl wanted to make cookies for the auction to raise money for the babies.

SS G gets ready to make cookiesMeasuring the ingredients…

SS G measure flourOops!  A little flour on the face….

SS G flour face

Mashing the cookie dough with a sugared glass…

SS G smush cookiesSo much fun that brother wants to help…

SS G Mason helps

The finished product from Georgia (and Mason)…

SS G and M finished cookies

These wonderful cookies were made with love and will be in the Memphis auction Saturday night to benefit Sacred Selections and the Caster family adoption. You don’t want to miss these delicious cookies!!  Come out, eat some of Brother Ray’s bbq and our homemade desserts, and bid!!!  Register here.


The Final Number is IN!


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2015 is another great year for Sacred Selections Bartlett!  With the help of many, many folks we have raised enough money to help TWO families with their adoption fees!   Our final number, including the 1213 matching grant, is $28,000! … Continue reading

Our 2012 Adoptive Family Will Be Here on May 31st!


Ellis family 1

Jonathon and Tricia Ellis will be here on May 31st with the 3 precious children they adopted last year with YOUR help. This is their story.

“Since the time I was a little girl I have longed to have a family. All my life when someone asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, the answer was always that I wanted to be a Mama. My Mama loved being a Mama and made it seem like the best “job” in the world. She and my Daddy had seven biological children before becoming Foster Parents and adopting four more. Mothering is in my blood! Jonathan and I always knew that we wanted children. Because of my parents example, we knew that we also wanted to adopt. As the early years of our marriage went by, we came to know that biologically we wouldn’t be able to conceive.  For us, adoption was not a hard decision although there were hard times in the process. We first decided to adopt privately and that did not work out. Our second option was to become Foster Parents. We became certified Foster Parents very early in 2012. For some reason or another, we never had a placement. We anxiously awaited calls that never came.

In  mid April of 2012 after a very long day of babysitting I had almost fallen asleep on the couch. My phone rang and I picked it up thinking that I would silence it, but once I knew it was about adoption I was thrilled to answer it! I tried not to sound sleepy when I answered. She cut right to the chase and told me that she knew of a young sibling group of three, ages 5,4 and 2. Was I interested? I was pretty excited and worried. We have never been parents and I knew that we could “handle” a two year old, but a four and five year old were a bit scary to me. With fostering we only wanted to go to age 4 and now there was a 5 year old that needed a forever family. I talked with her for a few minutes and told her my fears, but I also said that I couldn’t imagine saying no. I told her to give me half an hour to talk with Jonathan and I would let her know our answer ASAP.

As I got off the phone, I walked back to our bedroom where Jonathan was working on the computer, trying to calm my nerves, so I could tell him our “news.” Within just a few minutes we decided that, scary as it was, we were going to pursue this. These three children were now my focus. I certainly wasn’t sleepy anymore. I waited to be emailed the information that they had on these babies. I spent the night reading up on them. My heart broke for the drama, pain and abuse that they had suffered. I wanted to protect these babies. I wanted to be their Mama. I was scared to have “older” children. As I looked into their background that night I realized that the two older boys were soon to have birthdays. As scared as I was to have a 4 and 5 year old and they were about to be 5 and 6! We also realized that one of the boys had seizures, making him “special needs”. The other two had “special needs” as well.

Once we decided to pursue this NOTHING was standing in our way. As I read up on these babies that night I read lots of things that scared me. Lots of challenges were headed our way, but we never faltered. These babies were ours as far as we were concerned. We weren’t changing our minds because of challenges. There were times over the course of the next six weeks when we would hit bumps in the road and think that because of some legality this wasn’t going to go through.

Dana was always a phone call away, encouraging me that I could make it through my “labor”. She reminded me often that no Mama-to-be ever has a baby without labor of some kind. I spent a lot of time in the next six weeks on my knees in prayer, beseeching God to help us adopt these 3 children. Jonathan and I prayed together more than usual and Dana prayed with me over the phone more than once when I had tears streaming down my face.  There were times when it seemed impossible. Sacred Selections and Dana helped our family so much. There are so many stresses associated with adoption, but with Sacred Selections, I never once worried about the financial part of it. I knew that Sacred Selections was there to help.

May 19th, six weeks after getting that “are you interested?” call, we drove to Florida to meet our children. On June 7th 2012, less than two months after knowing of their existence, I drove home with our babies. The adoption was finally and completely finalized on New Year’s Eve 2012! Without Sacred Selections we absolutely would not have our children. We wouldn’t have had the finances to adopt three a time. Because of Sacred Selections, and all the Christians who help support them, we have our beautiful family. We and our family will be forever grateful to Sacred Selections.”


Twelve days left to register!

Only twelve days left to register here on our site or to mail in your registration for the Memphis BBQ Feast and Auction!  We have some great auction items coming in that you won’t want to miss.  We are so excited about this opportunity to support Sacred Selections and especially the Roth Family.  Why don’t you register today and help the Roths bring home their baby!!

Roth Family 3

YOU Can Help This Family!

We are excited to introduce our Sacred Selections family for 2013! The Roth Family!Roth Family 2

Trenton and Beth are currently parents to five children.  They said, “We have always envisioned ourselves with a large family. We had been making plans for our family long before we even got married!  We married in 1999 and immediately started trying to conceive.  In 2000, we were blessed with twin boys, Joshua and Bryce.  They were soon followed by a set of triplets – Jessie, Payton, and Braden in 2002.  Our children have brought so much joy and laughter to our lives.  With so many young children so close in age, we put aside any more talk of growing our family.  As the children entered their school age years and have become more independent, talks of more children began to resurface — not only between the two of us, but also the kids started asking for another sibling!

We recently hosted a little girl from Ukraine in our home for 5 weeks.  We all were in love with her before she even arrived.  From day one, she fit into our family like she had always been there.  The 5 weeks went by very quickly and saying goodbye to her was so difficult.  But we never imagined how hard it would be for our children.  They desperately long for another sibling.  They want someone to be a big brother or big sister to.  They talk of teaching the child their colors, how to read, and how to tie his or her shoes,  They enjoy babies and young children so much and they are all so good with them.  Many of our friends and families have had babies recently and we frequently hear from the kids, “When will it be OUR turn?”  As heartbreaking as these moments are, they are confirmation to us that we, as an entire family, are ready to adopt.”

Join us May 31st for a BBQ Feast and Auction to benefit the Roth Family.



This is why Dana started Sacred Selections

People often ask me why I started Sacred Selections… Well, you are looking at the reason why! Last Saturday we celebrated the 65th wedding anniversary of my parents – Ken and Carrie Marrs.

Dana's parents

My parents were told 60 years ago to abort me by their doctor! It was the 1950s and my mother had lost my sister at 7 months pregnant due to eclampsia – she went temporarily blind and was in a coma! Now pregnant again, her doctor told her this time not only would her baby die, but she would too. My parents went home and prayed about it and came back the next day to tell of their decision to choose life! They asked him if there was anything he could do? Doctor Cohn explained he had just read something in his medical journals that might work but it would require rest and 2 shots a day! My father said that’s fine you do your part and we will do our part praying to God to save our baby!

How can I not try and save every child when *I* was saved through the unfailing love of God & my parents?!
~Dana Carrozza