The Fossil Fueled Porkers

SS Raymond and bbq cookerBrother Raymond has the rig clean and ready to smoke some butts starting Friday.  The Fossil Fueled Porkers will once again prepare and donate their award winning bbq and sauce for our Memphis BBQ Feast.

Here’s a little history about this fantastically talented and generous team:

The team was formed in the 1980’s and has competed every year in various events.  Past events include competitions in Southaven, Millington, Lakeland, and Memphis in May.  They won first place in the “anything but pork” category at Memphis in May, first place for their sauce at Memphis in May, first place for shoulders in Southaven, and second place for shoulders at Memphis in May in years past.

They have done charity cooks for several years for Habitat for Humanity, Ronald McDonald House, Martha’s Manor, Oakhaven High School, and Sacred Selections.

The team also cooked for several years for the TVA Super Challenge held in Murfreesboro.

We truly appreciate their generous donation of time, effort, and wonderful food.  This bbq really is some of the best you will ever eat and some of us think it IS the best bbq around.  Don’t miss out on this wonderful feast.  Register here.