This is why Dana started Sacred Selections

People often ask me why I started Sacred Selections… Well, you are looking at the reason why! Last Saturday we celebrated the 65th wedding anniversary of my parents – Ken and Carrie Marrs.

Dana's parents

My parents were told 60 years ago to abort me by their doctor! It was the 1950s and my mother had lost my sister at 7 months pregnant due to eclampsia – she went temporarily blind and was in a coma! Now pregnant again, her doctor told her this time not only would her baby die, but she would too. My parents went home and prayed about it and came back the next day to tell of their decision to choose life! They asked him if there was anything he could do? Doctor Cohn explained he had just read something in his medical journals that might work but it would require rest and 2 shots a day! My father said that’s fine you do your part and we will do our part praying to God to save our baby!

How can I not try and save every child when *I* was saved through the unfailing love of God & my parents?!
~Dana Carrozza