YOU Can Help This Family!

We are excited to introduce our Sacred Selections family for 2013! The Roth Family!Roth Family 2

Trenton and Beth are currently parents to five children.  They said, “We have always envisioned ourselves with a large family. We had been making plans for our family long before we even got married!  We married in 1999 and immediately started trying to conceive.  In 2000, we were blessed with twin boys, Joshua and Bryce.  They were soon followed by a set of triplets – Jessie, Payton, and Braden in 2002.  Our children have brought so much joy and laughter to our lives.  With so many young children so close in age, we put aside any more talk of growing our family.  As the children entered their school age years and have become more independent, talks of more children began to resurface — not only between the two of us, but also the kids started asking for another sibling!

We recently hosted a little girl from Ukraine in our home for 5 weeks.  We all were in love with her before she even arrived.  From day one, she fit into our family like she had always been there.  The 5 weeks went by very quickly and saying goodbye to her was so difficult.  But we never imagined how hard it would be for our children.  They desperately long for another sibling.  They want someone to be a big brother or big sister to.  They talk of teaching the child their colors, how to read, and how to tie his or her shoes,  They enjoy babies and young children so much and they are all so good with them.  Many of our friends and families have had babies recently and we frequently hear from the kids, “When will it be OUR turn?”  As heartbreaking as these moments are, they are confirmation to us that we, as an entire family, are ready to adopt.”

Join us May 31st for a BBQ Feast and Auction to benefit the Roth Family.